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Waterman Entertainment (WE) is a media and entertainment company that focuses on creating, financing and distributing film, television, and digital media properties across multiple platforms, as well as making strategic partnerships with, and investments in, media and entertainment-related companies and assets. 

WE creates unique opportunities and deals to maximize the success of its aquisitions. Its goal is to expand its proven track record by building a promising slate of projects capable of penetrating a wide range of mediums. Rather than halting the creative process at a single film or television show, WE seeks to diversify its properties, turning them into household names that resonate with audiences and consumers of all ages. 

WE has established itself in family entertainment by selecting key brands with potential for both box office and televised success. While family entertainment accounts for a a large portion of its slate, the company remains opportunistic with respect to its creative pursuits. WE welcomes branded properties outside of its traditional approach that it feels will strike a cord with the public at large.  

WE films have garnered more than $1.5 billion in worldwide box office revenue. The company also aims to bring similar success to its TV productions. 





































































































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